Dry Hacking Cough

The popular Dry Hacking Cough is nothing but a type of cough that generally affects the pert especially dogs. It is believed that the common cause of this type of cough among the canine is called as kennel cough. This unique cough is more contagious and generally picked with the association of other dogs in the nearby area. Pet owners should have witnessed that their pet dogs coughing out of it’s their throats.

Most of the dog owners just ignore this symptom and do not consider this as a disorder among the pets. This unique cough sounds like a noise or hacking and hence it is known as hacking cough among the pet dogs. When such cough persists with the dogs they need to look for the causes by taking the dogs to the nearby vets.

Dry Hacking Cough Should Not Be ignored

A dog with a Dry Hacking Cough needs to be attended by vets who generally prescribe some antibiotics along with some cough suppressant to the suffering dogs. Dog owners need to ensure to keep their pets in the indoors preferable in a warmer place in the home. The dog should not be exposed to cold weather conditions while suffering with this unique cough.

Dry Hacking CoughPet owners should understand a fact that if the kennel cough is ignored for long period the disease will leads to pneumonia especially in the winter seasons. Also the dog owners need to isolate the suffering dogs from the other pets in the homes till the dog is fully recovered.

The persistent cough seen with the old dogs can also lead to heart failure and this will be indicated by heartworm infection. When such specific symptoms are seen it is always advised to take the pets to the vets or to the pet clinics. Sometimes the breathing difficulties too will result in a severe cough among the pet dogs. Continuous coughing or gagging seems to the symptom while dogs suffer from the blockage of air in their lungs.

As a pet owner one should be aware of various conditions which may affect their pets and many times such conditions may be lead to kennel cough. As per medical experts the kennel cough is medically called as canine infectious tracheobronchitis which occur due to many airborne viruses and bacteria. However majority of the symptoms are caused by the bacteria.

Dry Hacking Cough Symptoms Seen In Pets

It is interesting to note that this unique Dry Hacking Cough do not seems to attack the humans and even the cats. Hence it is necessary for the dog owners to know or recognize the kennel symptoms with great care.

•    Pink Eye: Some pet dogs develop pink eye as an initial symptom of this peculiar disease. This symptom will be associated with loss of appetite among the pets. An earlier observation will be helpful to the pets in taking them to the pet clinics. Vets in such clinics will certainly diagnose the disease in a right manner and will start the treatment. Dog owners need to be smart in identifying this symptom by which they can reduce the coughing to a great extent.

•    Since the Dry Hacking Cough affect the wind pipe of the lungs, dogs can through a white foamy material. This symptom too can develop in the initial stages.

How To Avoid Kennel Cough?

As per vets the yearly vaccines offer some sort of protection against the disease. Of course such action will not guarantee a complete protection. It is the responsibility of the pet owner to look for the signs or symptoms of the disease as pets cannot express anything. Keeping away the suffering dogs seems to be the best protection that can be done by the dog owners. A simple and physical contact with the other dogs is enough to get the disease immediately. Ets in general offer antibiotics which lasts upto two or three weeks. An earlier diagnosis is the ideal way to get rid of this unique disease among the pet dogs.

Though this unique cough will not affect humans, it is always suggested to keep away kids from the suffering dogs. Kids with weak immune system will be affected easily as per the medial research. Hence the suggested isolation is mandatory for the dog owners.