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Dilemmas Of Dry Hacking Cough

Cough in general is not a disease, but only a manifestation of some inherent problem; coughing can also be construed as a way of body’s reaction to remove an unwanted substance, mucus in this case, from the lungs and upper airpaths. Existing in many forms, the coughs vary by their causes and complaints. And, this dry hacking cough is caused due to inflamed airpipe, developing on cold, or by exposure to dust or smoke. But, the irony is that the causes have been able to be identified only in about 60% of patients.

General causes:

•    Inhaling smoke, dust and chemicals in the busy and work places; airway congestion due to swallowing of medicines or food; Asthma with chronic dry cough, wheezing, short breaths, and chest congestion; and allergies with sneezing due to food and atmosphere are some causes.

•    Viral attacks where prolonged cold ends up with Dry Hacking Cough for longer days with predominance at night hours; Bronchospasm forming spasms in bronchial tubes with more dry cough at night; and medicines called ACE inhibitors taken for attending high blood pressure are also known to contribute to dry hacking cough.

Dry Hacking CoughMany versions of dry hacking cough:

In practice many forms of dry hacking cough are found to afflict the community, and a peep into the causes and symptoms will provide a good insight into them.

Chronic dry cough: Symptoms for this are unrelenting cough coming off and on, but not totally off, remaining predominant during day, with coughing spell lasting even for 10minutes at a time, and reaching out- of- control conditions and breaking ribs. Causes: Earlier unexplained, now reasons have been found to be hypersensitivity in the higher airpaths, caused by gas from stomach, similar to mist containing particles of air, enzymes and food. Cure covers morphine and some antihistamines, and inhaling menthol lozenges, on doctors’ suggestion.

Barking dry cough:

Its manifestations include wheezing without phlegm during night with sporadic day spells;

and, the causes are flu, cold and other respiratory afflictions in airways. Cure is achieved automatically after a few weeks, though lozenges and inhalation of boiling water with menthol also help a lot by soothing the sore throat.

Hacking cough:

This is continuous cough, more menacing in morning time, coming with colored mucus, and coupled with sore throat, breast bone ache, and wheezing and stuffy nose. Reasons are cold followed by inflamed lungs airpath, and bronchitis caused by viruses without any fever or headache, as different from swine flu. Treatment for this envisages absolute bed rest followed by taking in more fluids so that dehydration is overcome, thinning the mucus for easy exit and for making coughing easier. Medications recommended are linctus and   robitussin which suppress cough.

Dry cough with wheeze:

This makes more coughing at night, or early morning, the primary cause being asthma caused by cold, dust; cure or control lies with inhalers and medications under the care of doctors.

Spasms of dry coughing:  

Its symptoms cover painful cough triggered by bronchitis, starting from throat, at times ending in vomiting; taking medicines as ACE inhibitors also cause such a phenomenon which could be tackled with alternative medicines while treating blood pressure.


If any cough is found to persist for a prolonged period, or if previously unknown symptoms appear, it’s best a doctor is consulted. Taking tests and X-Ray and other diagnostics is to be then followed so the dilemmas of dry hacking cough are ended.

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